Millennials didn’t ruin work vacations, Baby Boomers did

A Times article claims Millennials are the reason why workers are not taking vacation. Ty explains why Gen Xers and Boomers are the root cause of the lack of vacations.


‘Public’ High School Rankings Are Bullshit

U.S. News & World Report recently released its 2016 Best High School rankings, which raises two questions: 1) What is considered a “public” school and 2) Why are we ranking public schools if they are all receiving the same funding? Are low-income children doomed?

Royals Postseason Only for the Royals

#BringBackSungWoo That’s the hashtag going viral on KC Twitter as of this writing. People in Kansas City love that story, and the people involved with making it happen love it even more. I can be “that guy” and argue the exploitation of a human being as a PR stunt, but honestly, I don’t give a…

The Bank of Mom and Dad

Homeownership signifies that you have become a fully functional adult. You’re no longer a child or immature. Also, homeownership indicates that mom and dad have money. A new study reveals that 27 percent of first-time homeowners received money from relatives or friends for their down payment, up 24 percent from last year and likely to…