Fireside Rants: Redemption…and following your own advice

An encounter outside a 7-Eleven reminds Terry to practice what he preaches


The SOTW Donate Wisely Challenge

Bucket Challenges, marathons, quirky t-shirts, pub crawls. You name a disease that more than a dozen people have, and there is probably a campaign raising money for it. These shenanigans need to end, and I will tell you why. As our contributor writer Dudebrabroman pointed out in Going Viral Doesn’t Cure Viruses, the ALS Ice…

Going Viral Doesn’t Cure Viruses

We probably don’t need awareness for the sort of cause you’d want to raise awareness for. We don’t, and even if we did, most people suck at spreading useful awareness.We know breast cancer exists, we know mental health is a thing, we are all aware that ALS exists. We probably do not need the sort…