The Need for a Universal Language

A universal language could solve many of the problems associated with different cultures, including scientific progress, economics and unfair socioeconomic advantages.


Censorship: BBC To Stop Featuring Idiots

Fox News has the slogan “Fair & Balanced.” Even though that is full of shit, that is the mantra for journalists everywhere. But should everyone’s voice get fair and balanced treatment?   No, and BBC News agrees.   Recently, the BBC announced that they will reduce air time for idiots, i.e. stop giving people with…

SOTW Roundup: 6/15/2014 – 6/21/2014

This weekend, I will be attending a truck show in Nebraska. If you do not already know, I’m a news clerk/staff writer for a trucker magazine. It’s not what most people had in mind when going to journalism school, but it beats the hell out of monitoring earthquakes, typhoons, protests and wildfires for Bank of…