Every Missouri lawmaker who voted “Yes” for anti-abortion bill

UPDATE – 10:00 p.m. CDT – May 25, 2019: Apologies to Rep. Shamed Dogan. Rep. Dogan voted “Nay” on the final version. The original story incorrectly drew from a vote for a different version of the bill that was not sent to the governor’s desk. The below info reflects votes on the version of the bill that was signed into law by Gov. Mike Parson.

After Missouri lawmakers passed HB126, informally known as the anti-abortion bill, many Missourians were upset. The bill passed 110-44, with five absent votes and one opting not to vote. With the exception of four Republicans voting “Nay,” one voting absent and one Democrat (Rep. Runions) voting “Yea,” the votes were mostly split between party lines.

HB126 has proven to be a very controversial bill, gaining attention at the national level and prompting action at the local level. More specifically, voters were wondering who these people are that voted “Yes” on such an antiquated bill.

Several people on social media noted that their House representative owned businesses that they have spent money at, motivating them to alert friends and family to not support those businesses. It turns out that the overwhelming majority of lawmakers in Missouri (or anywhere for that matter) are business owners or otherwise have a financial stake in a company.

If you can’t send a message to a lawmaker through the political process, get them where it hurts the most: Their wallet. Below is a list of all the Missouri lawmakers who voted “Yes” on HB126 and the businesses they own and/or the places they work. Contact information has been listed for retired lawmakers or those that otherwise have no financial stake in a privately-owned company.

This list will be updated periodically as new information becomes available. Feel free to send updated information, including any corrections, to ty@unassociatedpress.org.

Allred, Vic – Owns Jazz – A Louisiana Kitchen restaurants.

Anderson, Sonya Murray – Co–owns Show Me Horses and Farrier Service.

Andrews, Allen – Owner of Wool Shop.

Bailey, DottieDottie.Bailey@house.mo.gov; 573–751–0562.

Baker, Ben – Owner of Artisan Construction in Neosho, Mo. (not to be confused with other Missouri businesses with same name) and dean of students at Ozark Bible Institute in Neosho.

Basye, Chuck  – Chuck.Basye@house.mo.gov; 573–751–1501.

Billington, Hardy – Currently owns property he rents out in Poplar Bluff. Since other people may live there, no addresses will be listed, but look out if renting in Poplar Bluff.

Black, JohnJohn.Black@house.mo.gov; 573–751–3819.

Black, RustyRusty.Black@house.mo.gov; 573–751–2917.

Bondon, Jack – Co–partner of Berbiglia liquor stores (Funny side note: Bondon said the following “I’m the only person in my race with a business background and a business degree. I’m not another lawyer. One thing about being a business operator is that you have that important responsibility of being a good steward of company resources. You have to protect, and make good decisions for the people that work for you. You have to prioritize the needs of the company and all the stakeholders and take them into account. Being an operator of a business is somewhat similar to being an operator of a government because you have that important responsibility of not only looking out for your needs, but the needs of those around you.” Berbiglia closed six stores four years ago.)

Bromley, RobertBob.Bromley@house.mo.gov; 573–751–7082.

Busick, Danny – Owner of Jim’s Radio and TV located at 107 S. Main, Newtown, MO 64667.

Chipman, JasonJason.Chipman@house.mo.gov; 573–751–1688.

Christofanelli, PhilPhil.Christofanelli@house.mo.gov; 573–751–2949. (has never worked in the private sector after college)

Coleman, Jeff – CEO of CFS Wealth Management Group located at 115 S. Main St. in Grain Valley. Also a wealth manager at Gateway Financial Advisors.

Coleman, Mary Elizabeth – Former CEO of TuckerAllen estate planning attorneys.

Deaton, Dirk – Co–founder of Noel Betterment Association in Noel, MO (dude is only like 12 years old).

DeGroot, Bruce – Attorney at Brown & James Law Firm in St. Louis.

Dinkins, Chris – Owns Twin Rivers Landing campground and float outfitter in Lesterville. Noteworthy fact: Dinkins introduced HB398, which limits private campground owner liability.

Dohrman, Dean – Online professor at Colorado State U–Global Campus.

Eggleston, J. – Owner of Eggleston Electronics in in Maysville.

Eslinger, Karla – Senior analyst for education services with the AEM Corporation.

Evans, Jean – Independent realtor and president of Game On Volleyball in Manchester.

Falkner III, Bill – Owner of Falkner Plumbing in St. Joseph.

Fishel, Craig – Owner of Fishel Pools in Springfield.

Fitzwater, Travis – Owner of Fitzwater Enterprises in Holts Summit, CEO of Fitz Media and director of strategic initiatives at Missouri Pharmacy Association.

Francis, RickRick.Francis@house.mo.gov; 573–751–5912.

Gannon, Elaine – Chairwoman of the Get Healthy DeSoto Christmas Home Tour.

Gregory, David – Personal injury attorney at The Injury Counsel.

Grier, Derek – Owner of Grier Realty Group.

Griesheimer, Aaron – Aaron.Griesheimer@house.mo.gov; 573-751-6668.

Griffith, DaveDave.Griffith@house.mo.gov; 573–751–2412.

Haahr, Elijah – Attorney at Kutak Rock.

Haden, KentKent.Haden@house.mo.gov; 573–751–3649.

Haffner, Mike – Owner of Pumpkins and Pines Christmas Tree Farm in Pleasant Hill.

Hannegan, Tom – Publisher and editor–in–chief of StreetScape Magazine; owner of Hannegan Real Estate and Construction.

Hansen, JimJim.Hansen@house.mo.gov; 573–751–4028.

Helms, Steve – Owner of Seniors and Mature Adult (SAMA) Insurance Agency.

Henderson, MikeMike.Henderson@house.mo.gov; 573–751–2317.

Hicks, Ron – Works for in–law’s restaurant franchise, Slater Enterprises, which owns Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell franchises in St. Charles County.

Hill, Justin – Vice president of sales at Visor Benefits in Des Peres.

Houx, Dan – Partner at Dorn Homes of Missouri.

Hovis, Barry (the “consensual rape” guy) – Owns Barry Hovis Logging and Hovis Enterprises in Cape Girardeau.

Hudson, Brad – Pastor at Blessing Heights Worship Center.

Hurst, Tom – Owner of Meta Mini Mart, Hurst Tax and Accounting, Hurst Auction Service, Meta Fescue Seed Company, Century Farm.

Justus, Jeffery – President of L&J Plumbing Supply.

Kelley, Ann – Teacher at Lamar Middle School.

Kelly, Hannah – Kelly Real Estate & Auction Company in Mountain Grove, aka Century 21 Earth Outdoor Properties.

Kidd, Bill – Owner of Missouri Siding, Window & Roofing in Blue Springs.

Knight, Jeff – Owner of Knight Auction Service.

Kolkmeyer, Glen – Owner and CEO of Energy Transport Solutions.

Lovasco, Tony – Sales consultant at Executive Personal Computers in St. Charles.

Love, Warren – Owner of Iconium Mini Storage, Toadsuck Grill and Trading Company, Love Construction Company and Love Ranch.

Lynch, SteveLynch’s Furniture and Appliance.

Mayhew, Don – Owner of Mayhew Surveying & Engineering.

McDaniel, AndrewAndrew.McDaniel@house.mo.gov; 573–751–3629.

McGaugh, PeggyPeggy.McGaugh@house.mo.gov; 573–751–1468.

McGirl, Mike – Certified public accountant in the Potosi area.

Miller, Rocky – Owner of Miller Companies.

Moon, Mike Mike.Moon@house.mo.gov; 573-751-4077.

Morris, Lynn – President/Owner of Family Pharmacy Inc, Family Pharmacy HealthCare Services and Family Pharmacy Partners LLC.

Morse, Herman – Member of Dexter School District Board of Education.

Muntzel, Dave – Family row crop farm, so … Dave.Muntzel@house.mo.gov; 573–751–0169.

Murphy, Jim – Owner of Shoppers Rule.

Neely, Jim – Physician at Cameron Regional Medical Center.

O’Donnell, Michael – Municipal bond trader at Wells Fargo Advisors in St. Louis.

Patterson, Jonathan – Surgeon at United Surgical Associates of Kansas City.

Pfautsch, DonnaDonna.Pfautsch@house.mo.gov; 573–751–9766.

Pietzman, Randy – Owner of Pietzman Concrete in Troy.

Pike, Patricia – Owner of Pike Rental Properties, Pike Farm Properties and Pike Property Management (all in Adrian).

Plocher, Dean – Attorney at Plocher Law Firm.

Pogue, Jeff – Owner of Pogue’s Lawn Service and Landscaping.

Pollitt, Brad – Owner of Rocher P. Cattle Company.

Pollock, Suzie – Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist (RCIS) at Freeman Hospital.

Porter, Jeff – Insurance agent at State Farm in Montgomery City.

Reedy, RodgerRodger.Reedy@house.mo.gov; 573–751–3971.

Rehder, Holly – Owner of Integrity Communications.

Remole, Tim – Owner of Remole’s Coatings.

Richey, Doug – Professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and senior pastor at Pisgah Baptist Church.

Riggs, Louis – Professor at Hannibal–LaGrange University and attorney in Hannibal.

Roberts, LaneLane.Roberts@house.mo.gov; 573–751–3791.

Roden, ShaneShane.Roden@house.mo.gov; 573–751–4567.

Ross, Robert – Owner of Midwest Benchrest and self–employed land surveyor.

Runions, Joe Joe.Runions@house.mo.gov; 573-751-0238.

Ruth, BeckyReal estate agent in Festus (which looks way too much like “Fetus”).

Schnelting, Adam – Failed business owner … Adam.Schnelting@house.mo.gov; 573–751–2250.

Schroer, Nick – General counsel for Arrowhead Building Supply.

Sharpe, Greg – Owner of Sharpe Seed, Sharpe Family Farms, Sharpe Machinery & Equipment and Lake House 2014, LLC (all in Ewing).

Shaul, Dan – Director of Missouri Grocers Association.

Shawan, JeffJeff.Shawan@house.mo.gov; 573–751–1066.

Shields, BrendaBrenda.Shields@house.mo.gov; 573–751–3643.

Simmons, John – Chiropractor in Washington, Mo.

Smith, Cody – Owner of UV Sanitized and Smith Midwest Real Estate.

Solon, Sheila – Works for L’Oreal Cosmetics.

Sommer, Chrissy – Owner of At Your Beck N Call, PetHowliday Pet Sitting Plus, Property Manager at Black Dog Properties.

Spencer, Bryan Bryan.Spencer@house.mo.gov; 573-751-1460.

Stacy, DanLegalshield Independent Associate.

Stephens, Mike – Owner of Stephens Pharmacy.

Swan, Kathryn – President of JCS Wireless.

Tate, Nate – Director Of Technology and Corporate Compliance Officer at Empac Group Inc.

Taylor, JeredJered.Taylor@house.mo.gov; 573–751–3833.

Toalson Reisch, Cheri – Legal assistant at Cline, Braddock, and Basinger Law Office.

Trent, CurtisCurtis.Trent@house.mo.gov; 573–751–0136.

Veit, Rudy – Attorney at Carson & Coil Law Firm.

Vescovo, Rob – Owner of Hypercalm Investments.

Walsh, SaraSara.Walsh@house.mo.gov; 573–751–2134.

Wiemann, John – CEO of Midwest Physician Insurance Advisors.

Wilson, Kenneth – Commander of the Detention Division of Platte County Sheriff’s Department and a part–time instructor at the Missouri Western Regional Law Enforcement Academy.

Wood, David – Telecom administrator for Capital Region Medical Center.

Wright, Dale – COO of Angle Medical Solutions and owner of Actalur Group.a

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