The U.S. Government is Shutdown. Meanwhile, in Switzerland…

Currently, the United States federal government is shutdown because of a “financial dispute” while the rest of the country is still recovering from the Great Recession of 2008 (yeah, it’s still not over, despite what you may have been told). Meanwhile in Switzerland:

10-11-2013 5-13-20 AM

Yup! Swiss citizens want a guaranteed income of $2,800/mo as a response to the growing income inequality worldwide between the rich and poor, resulting in a nonexistent middle class. Man, living a socialist country looks like hell! God forbid Obama brings our nation closer to that, as the Republicans keep telling us. OH! Almost forgot, the Swiss are also proposing a bill that will limit executives’ monthly pay to no more than what the lowest paid employee makes in a year, in what is also known as the 1:12 initiative. Cripes! What a bunch of socialist, terrorist, Nazi, commie assholes! If after reading this, you say to me, “Well, if you don’t like America, you can get the hell out,” I think I might know just the place to go…

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