Dress Codes Too Much For Millennials



Millennials are a bunch of whiny, entitled assholes.

That’s the narrative all of the “old people” have been shouting across social media and in real life. It is also the same narrative that every generation since the beginning of time has been saying about the younger generation. But this may be the first time that mainstream media is playing into the younger generation’s absurd demands.

Meet Sylva Stoel, a 17-year-old who used to work for J.C. Penney’s before quitting. Why did she quit? Because of the company’s anti-woman policies:

After buying clothes from the very same company she works for, Stoel decided to wear them to work. Unfortunately, J.C. Penney’s has a dress code that bans shorts for everybody, not just women. After asked to go home and change, she quit instead.

Stoel told Today that she is fed up with dress codes that target women.

NEWSFLASH: Companies have had a no-shorts policy since forever, for both men and women. Why? Shorts are not considered professional in most business settings, man or woman. This isn’t about you and feminism. Therein lies the problem with Stoel and her ilk.

For Millennials, everything is an attack on them. Jokes from professional comedians are now social commentary based on prejudices. Bad grades in school is a reflection on poor teaching, not being a poor student. And now dress codes are purposely misogynistic to bring women down.

Stoel claims she was unaware of the dress code, but good luck in life if you think pleading ignorance is an excuse. And if you think dress codes are “unfair,” good luck in life in general.

“We have a huge community of feminists who will share it and give it validation,” Stoel told Today. “What we’re doing isn’t wrong, it’s society that is wrong.”

You can thank the misguided idiots at Jezebel for that quote. Stoel honestly believes that a dress code banning shorts is a pitfall in society. And why wouldn’t she? Jezebel and modern feminists have claimed that everything from comedians to Father’s Day is an attack on them. Their loud voices combined with confirmation bias and cherry-picking is what teens like Stoel grew up with and firmly believe.

Stoel was at J.C. Penney’s for an entire two weeks before quitting because she violated the dress code, aka anti-woman policy. She’s 17-fucking-years-old and is already demanding policy changes that are based on a misguided belief that was grilled into her brain by the Feminazis of Jezebel and beyond.

But maybe I’m just a whiny old Millennial (I’m 32) who is still stuck in the Dark Ages. After all, Stoel has grown a lot:

Here’s her Twitter bio: “I’m an intersectional feminist using the web to dish out body positivity, girl power, and everything queer • Please send any inquiries to Sylvastoel@gmail.com.”

Between her growing stretch marks and marketing for inquiries while still in high school, Stoel will either enjoy a wonderful career at Jezebel or suffer a horrible life in the real world.

Bottom line: You’re 17 and you don’t know shit.

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