When life hands you lemons…open a stand!

About 6 months ago, I opened a box at a local Post Office. I don’t really need it, but it’s a nice convenience. I don’t get a lot of mail, so I usually check it once every week or two.

I was actually expecting something to come to the PO box any day now, so I stopped by the Post Office this afternoon. My item did arrive, but so did something else:


Last week, the food company Kellogg’s announced they were pulling their ads from Breitbart, the controversial conservative news site. Almost immediately, there was a backlash…people dumped their Kellogg’s products and encouraged a boycott. Borrowing an idea from someone else (and I’m sorry I don’t remember who), I encouraged people to send their unopened boxes and packages of Kellogg’s products to me…and I gave out my PO box address. Because I didn’t want crazies coming to my house, but I’ll gladly take your cereals, Pop Tarts and Pringles.

(For the record, the alternative option I “gave” was to donate unwanted Kellogg’s products to local food pantries. I really don’t need the food at my house, and food pantries would be more than happy to have food for folks that need it.)

Prior to last week, I rarely gave out the address for my PO box. I don’t know if someone did this out of spite or humor (I suspect the latter), or if someone from either of these places thought I’d be interested in coming to their towns, but…bottom line: I like travel brochures!

I do a lot of traveling, though it’s usually for work…I’d like to travel more with my family. In any case, I’ve never been to either Amarillo or Walla Walla, though I’ve come close to Amarillo. Amarillo seems cool…I’m a big fan of Route 66, and it used to go through there. And I love wine…and it looks pretty in Walla Walla. Plus, the name has been a source of amusement to me since I was a kid. So who knows? Maybe we’ll make a trip down south or out west in the near future!

Now then…since someone thinks they’re being funny…joke’s on you! I will gladly accept more travel brochures…you can have them sent to me at:

Terry Blastenbrei
PO Box 1431
Shawnee Mission, KS 66222

And yes…I will still accept your unwanted packages and boxes of Kellogg’s products, if you feel you must get rid of them.

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