Truth is officially stranger than fiction…

…at least to me it is. Maybe it happened a long time ago for you. I was on the road for a week or so, hence why I have been quiet on this front. I know you have been eagerly awaiting new material, so…here you go.

As I was driving from Columbus, OH  home to Kansas City on Wednesday, I listened to the news conference held by President-Elect Trump. My social media feeds and the news websites were filled with the allegations from the Trump dossier that had taken over media coverage the day before. And then I was reading various bits after the news conference about conspiracies, cover-ups and the like…

It was at that very moment that a fuse blew in my brain. Some of what I was reading sounded unreal or out of a movie. Some of it seemed like one-upsman-ship.  But I’ve taken various drugs in my life and I felt like I was under the effects of them at that moment.

There are times–and they are increasing–where I don’t know what to believe. Or, I just want to yell, “BULLSHIT!” at everything. I would like to think that I am a person of above-average intelligence. And if I’m struggling to discern truth from fiction, how is the average person doing?

I wish I could offer you all some sound advice, but I’m struggling myself with how to handle everything being thrown at us. What I will say is this: think critically. Does it sound too good to be true? Are you believing something simply because it supports your point of view? Do those that hold opposite viewpoints make a fair case for their views?

I have found that it is incredibly difficult to break from a pack…after all, there is strength in numbers. But sometimes, sticking your neck out is the best thing you can do for you.

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