15 Will Get You 20…Even at 17



This next story has all types of WTF in it.

Police want to take a dick pic of a 17-year-old to prove a case. More specifically, an erect dick pic. Even more specifically, the police want to take him to a hospital, inject him with whatever the fuck porn stars use and snap pictures of him hard.

LOL, wut?

Okay, so there is a reason for this. Not a good one, but some kind of wacky logic and reasoning. You see, the 17-year-old received some photos from his 15-year-old girlfriend. Being a gentleman, he reciprocated with a video of himself. This wasn’t your typical YouTube video. One can assume his erect penis was featured. Fast forward: girl’s mom found out, police found out and now the boy is being charged with possession of child pornography and manufacturing child pornography, both felonies that could put him on the sex offender registry for life.

Whoa! Let’s stop right there.

How the hell can a child be busted for child pornography? Especially considering that the “child pornography” was manufactured and distributed only to another fellow child. According to the law, this boy is just as dangerous as a 60-year-old man who forces a 12-year-old to undress for the camera. I’m going to argue that it is not. So how does this happen?


Our judicial system and law enforcement cannot seem to grasp the difference between the two. In result, we have patent trolls, chicken shit traffic tickets and horny teenage boys (i.e. teenage boys) turned into sick, sadistic pedophiles. Clearly, this was not the INTENT of the child pornography laws. But rules are rules, and there is no discretion in law.Never-Go-Full-Retard

Right out of the gate, this case is ludicrous. Now, the Manassas City, Va., police are doubling down on their dumbassery.* In order to prove a child pornography case, the Manassas City Police are trying to create child pornography. A 17-year-old sending his 15-year-old girlfriend a dick pic? Federal crime! A bunch of grown adults forcibly taking a dick pic of a 17-year-old to show a group of other grown adults in the court of law? Perfectly fine!

We have gone full retard.


* Manassas City? More like Dumbassas City, amirite?

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