311 Drummer Creates Visual Art With Rhythm

Sexton Art

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Those of you who are familiar with me or have listened to the podcast probably know that I am a huge 311 fan. With a high energy live show that can convert any casual listener, 311 have reached to what I refer to as the perfect level of success.

I have always applauded their rhythm section as being the most underrated musicians in rock music. P-Nut can slap the bass as great as any legendary bassist that comes to mind, and the only thing I need to say about Chad Sexton is to look up a live version of “Applied Science.”

Oh, and Sexton’s art.

That’s right. Chad Sexton has released a line of visual art titled “Assimilation of Light & Rhythm.” It’s a very unique blend of audio and visual art that involves fiber optic brushes, drumsticks and the art team SceneFour.

Sound has been visualized ever since we discovered how to measure wavelengths. Since then, various representations have been artfully displayed. You need to look no further than an old Winamp media player.chad-sexton-1_large

A simple chirp of a cricket can create beautiful imagery, so imagine the display a highly skilled drummer can conjure up with the beats and strokes of a drumstick.

That’s exactly what Chad Sexton of 311 has captured with his new collection of 13 different works.

The pieces are vibrant in color. For the first time, the visual aspect of sound is louder than the audio. You can see with your eyes the rhythms being brought out by the drumsticks. It quite literally allows us to visualize rhythm. The strokes that represent the rhythm are both chaotic and beautiful. One can call it a “Beautiful Disaster.”

C’mon. I’m allowed one hacky 311 song reference.

Like any piece of art, context is crucial in understanding and appreciating any individual work. With this collection, each piece is visually and emotionally stimulating at first glance. It’s when you know the context of visualizing sound that you begin to get lost into every detail.

“Assimilation of Light & Rhythm” is a wonderful collection for both music and visual art fans. Anyone who is familiar with Sexton knows how deep his love, talent and knowledge for rhythm runs. He has combined this passion with not only a creative mind, but several creative minds at SceneFour to create a one-of-a-kind project.

Limited canvases are available. Pricing ranges from $200 to $1,000 depending on the number of prints available. For more information, visit www.chadsextonart.com.

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